Unexcelled in beauty and craftsmanship, our state and territorial flags are made to exacting specifications. Seals and designs are authentic, and always in correct proportion to flag size.

Our process to reproduce intricate emblems results in the utmost accuracy in fast, brilliant colors.

Beautiful, brilliant colors, resistant to sun and rain, are dyed into perma-nylon. Our superb construction, complete with heavy canvas heading and brass grommets lasts and lasts.

International Flags

Ranked among the most beautiful and most precise in the world, these official flags reflect our exacting standards of quality and accuracy in regard to size, color and detail.

State Flags

Unexcelled in beauty and craftsmanship, our state and territorial flags are made to exacting specifications. Seals and designs are authentic, and always in correct proportion to flag size.

Novelty Flags

For holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and good cheer throughout the year, celebrate with our huge selection of novelty flags.

Custom Flags Available

Custom flags have become very popular in the last few years , as more and more organizations have begun using them to advertise their names & logos. At the same time, they have become more affordable due to improvements in materials, dyes, inks and manufacturing processes.

Flags are manufactured using a variety of fabrics, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, and blends thereof. These fabrics are then dyed, printed, sewn, embroidered, or appliqued according to the needs or desires of the end user.

The three basic flag styles are as follows:

  1. Single Face.... As the name implies, the image appears on only one side of the flag. The other side is blank. Usually appliqued, embroidered or screen printed with four color process. Typically used when only one side will be seen, such as hanging on a wall, or displayed on a vertical pole inside a building.

  2. Single Reverse..... The image appears correctly on one side, and reversed on the other. The most popular style, and the least costly flag to produce. These flags are usually printed with dyes which completely penetrate the fabric, leaving an image on both sides. All military as well as the American flag and 48 of the 50 state flags are "Single Reverse". Only Oregon and Washington use double face flags, and of course, they are also the most expensive to produce.

  3. Double Face..... The image appears correctly on both sides. These flags are appropriate only when the images vary from side to side, or where both sides will be seen simultaneously at close range, such as in a parade, or carried on a horse in a rodeo. These flags are typically made by creating two flags, then sewing them together with an opaque inner-liner to prevent "ghosting". The resulting flag is very heavy, does not fly well, and is incredibly expensive to manufacture. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Parade or display flags can be any of the above 3 styles, however the mounting grommets are usually replaced with a pole sleeve which either contains a mounting tab inside the sleeve, or is closed at the top. Most parade/display flags also have gold or silver fringe around the outside of the flag. These flags are recommended for parade or indoor use only. There are of course, exceptions to all of the above, including the Oregon and Washington Flags which are uniquely manufactured to the needs of those two states. A single reverse can also be a double face if the image is completely symmetrical like the Red Cross. As in most printing or manufacturing processes, there are art charges, set-up fees, and production charges, all of which are based on complexity, number of colors, fabric, style, mfg. process, etc.. All of these contribute to the overall flag cost. Generally, the more you order, the less the cost per flag.

The final choice for a given flag then, will depend on many things including, how many you need, where and when it will be flown, how it will be mounted, who will see it, and from how far away.